Get Your Symptoms Under Control

Our immune system is a very complicated and an extremely integral part of our health. It is heavily influenced by all other systems in our body especially our gastro intestinal, hormones and nervous systems.
That being said the thing that will determine the most whether or not we have a healthy immune system is our lifestyle. Ever wonder why some people always get the flu and others don’t when they are all exposed to the same virus? It’s because the ones that don’t have healthy immune systems!
Our immune systems are comprised of our white blood cells and their “job” is to destroy and remove from the body anything that doesn’t belong in the body. This means not only what we would call germs but also things like heavy metals, toxins and precancerous cells.
One of the problems in our industrialized society is that our immune systems are exposed to literally thousands of different compounds that didn’t even exist 20+ years ago. This includes genetically modified foods! Because of this our immune system works harder now than they ever had in the history of humankind.
When our immune systems are over worked they can start to make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes they make is they lose the ability to recognize between what is foreign and doesn’t belong in the body and what does belong in the body. When this happens they start to make antibodies, which are also know as immunoglobulins, against our own tissue. This is known as an auto-immune reaction. When these reactions go on long enough the tissue they are attacking starts to malfunction and the person will start to experience symptoms. This is now a full blown autoimmune disease. There are as many autoimmune diseases as there are tissue types in our bodies. It is interesting to note that these reactions can go on for years sometimes decades before we have the disease. Like anything else early detection and intervention are important.
Because of our environment and the fact that our immune systems are constantly working overtime coupled with the fact that our diets have become increasingly worse autoimmunity is rampant.
The approach that traditional medicine takes versus functional medicine in the management of autoimmune disease is totally different.
If you know that you have an autoimmune disease, or suspect you do, I encourage you to watch my full length video available to you on this website. You will learn about our integrative and thorough approach to autoimmune disease. This is information you will not hear from traditional medicine
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